Flooper’s Darkness 2 Review

So recently I added Darkness 2 to the list of my completed and favourite games. It was one of the greatest games I have ever played. The storyline is based around Jackie Estacado an Italian-american mob leader who has a creature inside him called The Darkness who Jackie lets out occasionally when he’s in trouble. The storyline was so amazing that I felt that I was actually Jackie at times in the storyline I felt angry and upset because of a death etc. I won’t say much more on the storyline as I don’t want to ruin it for others.

The gameplay was quite amazing tearing enemies limb from limb with my dark powers and eating there hearts to regain health as well as shooting them with my pistols and machine guns. It was quite easy to play using mouse and keyboard too which I found great about it. You can also play vendetta mode which allows you to play other characters with powers like Jackie except each one possesses a different demonic weapon with its own storyline, this is also multiplayer which I didn’t enjoy personally
I’d give the gameplay a 7/10 as i feel there was a little more customization they could’ve added to it. Also they could’ve done a bit more with multiplayer.

It had some great and accurate sound effects as well as the occasional swearing which made it so much funnier, the sounds of objects smashing as you throw them were perfect as well the sounds of when you destroyed your enemies.
Sound would have to be a 9/10

Overall I’d highly recommend this game to anyone who is allowed to view and hear mature material, such as swearing, gore, adult scenes and a little bit of horror.

Deserves a 9/10 out of as I absolutely love its storyline and overall it really is a great game

NOTE: The reason I didn’t include gameplay pictures is that I am aware that some users on here are younger and may see the screenshots as scary or too “adult” for them.

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