Wallace and Gromit: Bogey Man Review

It seems only a few weeks ago that we were first introduced to the offering of Wallace and Gromit to come out of the TellTale Games Studios. The series has had it’s high and low points, yet has offered adventures that feel authentic to the Wallace and Gromit universe. Bogey Man is the final chapter to the series, and while ultimately it is a decent finale, the slow pacing of the adventure is detrimental to the experience.
Taking off from the end of the last episode, Wallace is caught in between a rock and hard place when he accidentally proposes to Felicity Flitt, who accepts and is busy calling her mother to get her blessing. The only way Wallace can get out of this predicament is to join the local country club which reveals an age old rift between the Flitt family and the club. The plot is right out there, which fits well with the previous entries in the series, but it just lacks that final punch we’ve come to expect from a Telltale series finale.
Just like “The Last Resort”. Bogey Man’s pacing is far too slow, even though the episode only lasts around three to four hours. You’ll be introduced to a funny cutscene, and then be left to wander to your own devices, across the environments you have become all to familiar with and it just lacks anything truly new or fresh. The clubhouse is a new environment, but rooms inside Wallace and Gromit’s house are vastly reduced and it feels a little constricted.
As gamers have come to expect from the series the game looks ad sounds just like it should, more like another episode of the hit TV series rather than a game. The voice acing is top notch, and the music sits well with the settings. As far as sounding like or looking like a Wallace and Gromit experience this hits it perfectly.
So how does The Bogey Man rate when compared to the other game in the series? While it doesn’t do anything differently, or offer a slathering of exciting new environments, some solid puzzles and exciting moments make this a so-so affair. The pacing is a little too slow, and it just seems to lack that punch that we have come to expect from a series finale. A must play for fans of Wallace and Gromit fans, for adventure gamers in general, you can do better.
For a season finale The Bogey Man just lack that punch. It’s slow pacing holds the game back and makes the three to four hours on display feel a little empty.
Once again the look and feel of Wallace and Gromit has been captured perfectly, another top notch effort.
Some of the best voice acting you will hear, delivering genuinely witty and funny dialogue.

Such a cheap price tag for an decently engaging adventure, this is bang for buck at it’s best

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